Verena Hefti, CEO and Founder LeadersPlus

Carolyn is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with: she provides an excellent space for reflection, supports you to use your strengths and develops your confidence so that you surprise yourself by what you achieve. On top of that, she is an excellent facilitator and an expert in the Thinking Environment, a technique I found invaluable when making our board meetings more purposeful. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking for a coach and facilitator who makes you think and stretches your potential, as an individual or a group.

Linda Aspey
Paul Norman, Group Chief HR & Corporate Affairs Executive, MTN, South Africa

Kevin's interventions had a significant impact on organisational performance and his coaching, in particular, a lasting influence on a wide spectrum of leaders across cultures. He works exceptionally well in diverse environments and is comfortable and highly capable in managing conflict and very difficult team dynamics. His insightful views on life and people, offer a unique perspective in the interventions he proposes as well as the training methodologies he follows.

Linda Aspey
Neil Tape, Chief Data Officer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

I would highly recommend Linda as a facilitator and trainer having experienced both through three facilitation commissions and one training course. She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, energetic, flexible, honest and humble. Linda provides great facilitation for one off events and team development series including preparation and follow up. Linda adds value through her natural coaching style which helped get me through the events, improving them in real time and ensuring that future ones within a series were even more effective.

Linda Aspey
Katherine Bassey, Head of Human Resource Development, UNISON

I have greatly benefited from Carolyn’s coaching. Drawing from her rich and diverse professional background, she offers safe space in which to unpick seemingly intractable situations. Challenging me to re-frame my thinking and to value my own personal style, she has sharpened my awareness of self-imposed barriers, and strengthened my capacity to address them with personally authentic strategies. I cannot recommend her to you more highly.

Linda Aspey
Anneke Panman, Engineering Director, Moogsoft

Linda is inspiring. I come away from sessions buzzing with ideas even though I started "knowing" that there are no solutions. She's encouraging, motivating, supportive and fun. And her Time to Think courses have transformed the way I lead, think and how I help others to think. I can thoroughly recommend both her coaching and her courses.

Neeta Patel, CEO, New Entrepreneurs Foundation, the Centre for Entrepreneurs

Linda is an astute business leader with finely honed communication and management skills, and a unique ability to form excellent relationships with everyone that she works with. An experienced coaching leader with great empathy and compassion yet with a sharp focus on her clients' aims and objectives, she's always looking for ways in which she can help them achieve their goals. She's an absolute pleasure and I happily recommend her. 

Steve, Executive Coach

Supervision with Linda is always a welcome opportunity to reflect and figure out for myself how I can best help my coaching clients to move forward. She's supportive, encouraging, and treats me as an intelligent adult, even when I'm faced with uncertainty and think that I'm not! 

Karen Caddick, Group HR Director, Saga plc

Linda is an exceptional business partner to work with, taking time to really analyse the business changes required, looking at issues holistically, and breaking down complex problems into pragmatic recommendations. In her delivery she is also exceptional and really impacts behavioural change by tapping into what is holding people back from change. Highly recommended.

D, Executive Coach, PwC

Sometimes in group supervision, the default mode is to defer to the supervisor for their expertise. Linda worked with us in a way that held her authority with a light touch, very much an embodiment of this egalitarian way of working (in the Thinking Environment). We never felt judged, rather encouraged and treated as equal thinking partners.

Helen Micklethwait, Former HR Director of News International (News UK)

Linda provided excellent HR expertise and advice during a significant period of change of about six months, facilitating sessions with senior leadership teams, designing assessment centres and embedding RACI – a new process for News International.  She has the rare ability to fit into the company culture seamlessly and became “one of the team” instantly as well as getting the respect and confidence of the senior stakeholders. Her extensive experience in a range of companies ensured her advice was both pragmatic and commercial without HR jargon.

Barbara Rayment, Director, Youth Access

If you are looking for someone skilled at helping you identify your needs: be they individual or a team’s training needs, and you need someone who can respond attentively, flexibly and positively, then Carolyn is the person you are looking for! Without doubt, Carolyn is a superb trainer and facilitator; she has consistently achieved excellence in everything she has undertaken for us. She is always a pleasure to work with.

Linda Aspey
Amanda Childs, Head of Business and Customer Excellence, Siemens Financial Services Ltd

The Time to Think Foundation with Linda is an excellent programme which allows you to practice, test and then build your competence in taking advantage of having a great Thinking Environment.  The techniques seem so simple at a glance, yet it takes real practice to master them.  There is huge gain to be had if you take the time to understand its power and relevance back in the work place as well as at home.  Linda makes the experience really engaging and the learning effortless.  I have come back to work and am adopting all of the practices and seeing real benefits as a result.

Linda AspeyComment