Years of experience and plenty of credible research (for example, the Aristotle Project at Google) tell us that if you want to get the best from everyone and get that vital trust then creating the best conditions will inevitably help it to happen. 

“The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. And the quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking.” These are the words of Nancy Kline, originator of the Thinking Environment®, that provides astonishingly effective conditions for people to think well together and to build courageous connection, engagement and trust.

We specialise in the Thinking Environment, adopted by forward-looking organisations all over the world for relationships, results and cultures where people flourish. Choose from:

Short Programmes & Consultancy

Time to Think Bite-Sized Workshops (1.5 - 3 hours): An interactive event to introduce the principles of the Thinking Environment to your organisation. Click here to download a sample session outline.

Transforming Meetings (1 day): For boards, groups and teams on using the structure of a Thinking Environment for significantly better meetings with better outcomes. Click here to download an info sheet and session outline.

Bespoke consultancy and events: Helping you to integrate Thinking Environment principles into workshops, leadership programmes, offsites, conferences and more.

Time to Think Courses - both In-House and Open

The Thinking Partnership (2+1 days): For developing skill and presence in 1:1 work, helping people to generate their own thinking without them being interrrupted, guided or advised. Liberating for both!

The Time to Think Foundation (2 days): For anyone who manages or facilitates or works with or in teams, this programme will inspire you to participate in and lead day to day discussions and meetings differently.

Time to Think Coach (2 + 2 days plus practicum): A professional qualification to build Thinking Session expertise for masterful, non-directive coaching.

Time to Think Facilitator (2 + 1 days plus practicum): A professional qualification enabling you to teach groups and teams to use the Thinking Environment approach.

Time to Think Refresher Days and Supervision Days: Our understanding and practice of creating Thinking Environments is always evolving - Linda regularly runs open days for practitioners to update their skills and knowledge, and share their experiences.

For dates of our next Open Programmes, please visit our events page.

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