My Approach


I believe that people are inherently driven to achieve their potential, to be good at what they do, to form meaningful, strong relationships, and to create something bigger than themselves. Yet sometimes they find their path to change, growth or success is blocked. Whether these obstacles are internal or external to them, when I encourage and support them to think afresh, they often do go on to achieve positive, satisfying outcomes.  I believe that people want to know they matter, and I believe we all do. My integrative, humanistic and practical approach, underpinned by extensive study, has been described as deeply thought-provoking, enjoyable and transformative. I take it seriously but I hope it’s never dull.

My Experience

I've worked with all kinds of people from a variety of sectors and organisations, from small to large, new to old, informal to formal, who’ve all created opportunities and faced challenges; some unique, some similar.

I've coached leaders to get clear on their purpose, develop their skills and lead themselves and others well. I've met people stepping courageously into the unknown, sometimes even when they have a deep-down sense of inadequacy. And I have helped them to overcome seemingly insurmountable fears, often permanently.

I've seen how some meetings have killed off ideas before they've even been born and how great meetings have fostered connection, energy and results. I've facilitated and coached a variety of groups and teams from task-focused, transient project teams through to executive leadership teams seeking transformative development.  I've designed and delivered numerous OD initiatives to hire, develop and engage people so they deliver great results. My background in mental health has helped me to help others to develop their resilience on many levels. And I've taught, qualified, supervised and supported many others in doing this work, learning from each and every one of them.   

A keen advocate of high professional standards in coaching, I launched and led BACP Coaching, the coaching division of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2010, and from 2013-2018 I chaired and led the 50-strong panel of executive coaches at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation.

Main Qualifications & Training

  • Time to Think global faculty member, teaching professional qualifying-level courses, and qualified as a Time to Think coach, facilitator, thinking partnership teacher, and consultant

  • Masters degree in strategic human resource management

  • BACP registered, accredited psychotherapist/counsellor (and awarded Fellow of BACP) with diplomas in psychodynamic counselling, individual and group supervision, and stress management

  • Accredited MBTI, SDI, Leadership 360, and Talent Dynamics practitioner, with training in resilience and stress and post-trauma management, solution focused coaching, mediation, career management, neuropsychology,  organisational systems and group relations.

  • Qualified BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) level 1 practitioner, and registered member of BBRS (British BrainWorking Research Society).

Outside of work

I'm a Trustee of Read Easy UK (a charity transforming adults’ lives with 1:1 reading coaching), I enjoy a vegan lifestyle, keeping fit with circuit training and HIIT, and experiencing art, music and the countryside with friends and family. 

I am also a facilitator and trainer with Extinction Rebellion, the international movement that’s pushing for radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.