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Coaching at Work Magazine 

Road Test - Think Well, Think Together: The Thinking Environment® in Groups & Teams",  Linda Aspey & Anneke Panman, Oct 2018, Vol 13, Issue 6

"NEF: Talent Launcher", A case study of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Linda Aspey,  July 2018, Vol 13, Issue 4

"How to...Make a Professional Will", Gill Smith & Linda Aspey, April 2018, Vol 13, Issue 3

"Road Test - Go Your Own Way: Coaching in a Thinking Environment", Linda Aspey & Michelle Lucas, March 2014, Vol 9, Issue 2

Developing Leaders Magazine:

"Time for a Rethink - New Pathways for Executive Development," Linda Aspey, October 2011, Issue 5

Coaching Today:

"Mapping the territory: navigating the journey into coaching", Carolyn Mumby,  July 2017

"Personal Consultancy: a grand design?" Carolyn Mumby, July 2016


Linda co-authored "Supervision in a Thinking Environment",  in "The Heart of Coaching Supervision: Working with Reflection and Self-Care", eds. Turner & Palmer, published by Routledge, October 2018

Linda authored "Below the Surface", and Carolyn authored  "Personal Consultancy with young people: are we bothered?” - both are chapters in "Personal Consultancy, a Model for Integrating Counselling and Coaching" by Popovic & Jinks, Routledge, 2013

Linda and Kevin are currently writing "Into the Giant's Shoes", a handbook for leaders taking on a big leadership role.

Other Media

The 5 Minute Interview: Linda Aspey on Igniting Thinking in a Webinar Environment - Angela Dunbar interviews Linda for the Association for Coaching blog in July 2017, about the ideas behind and takeaways from her webinar series ‘Journey to Coaching Mastery and the Thinking Environment’ (2015-2016) with Ruth McCarthy.

“Six Steps to Making a Positive Change in Your Career” - Linda was among the career specialists interviewed for a blog at Entrepreneur, January 2018