If you’re looking for a speaker that can engage any audience look no further. That’s a bold statement I know.

I say it because I speak to individual, human beings not just to “audiences” or “organisations”. And I know that each individual in the room has their own challenges, hopes and dreams, both personal and professional. Ones that they’d love to make progress on.

That’s why I know, when I speak, you will be listening with the hope that I will offer you something that will help you to do or be your best. To make progress, a shift, a change. And I know that there will be many others - if not all - in the same room who have similar hopes for themselves.

And so that’s what I promise to offer you when I speak to you and every other individual in the room.

Resilience Works!

Linda shares thought-provoking insights on building and maintaining wellbeing and resilience for positive living.

Key takeways:

- Understand resilience and the factors that can impact on wellbeing

- 5 Pillars of Wellbeing that can help to strengthen personal resources

- Practical ways to improve personal, team and organisational resilience.

Transforming Teams

Hear about the latest thinking, research and ideas on how to build teams that perform and flourish.

Key Takeaways:

- What differentiates high performing teams from those that makes teams tick and yryru 8our ouroruor u

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Team Coaching

High perfoming teams combine different experiences, skills, perspectives and styles to solve complex problems, innovate and deliver far better results than individuals could do alone.

Whether you're the senior leadership team or a group of line managers, our team coaching will help you to hone both individual and collective skills and talent to the benefit of the whole system.

Over time, you'll become deeply aligned, drawing on your relationships and different experiences to achieve your goals.

Together you can build a strong, inclusive, resilient and productive team, where trust is evident and everyone thrives on the shared endeavour.

If you would like to talk to us about building a high performing team, please get in touch.

You Are Not an Imposter!

uiy yuie yie ie ie il e Sometimes people in relationships get stuck. Stuck in conflict, resisting change, often fearful and losing hope. And sometimes, despite all attempts, they can't get unstuck.

If you want to resolve situations that are bringing people down and hindering progress, talk to us.

"Linda is a highly skilled, intuitive coach and facilitator;  wonderful ability to bring a group together, develop a powerful sense of team and galvanise great decision making and action". Ewan Hilton, CEO, Gofal

"Kevin is highly competent and widely experienced, inspiring the confidence that Executive Development requires". Zandile Nkhata, former Head of Business Development, Graduate School for Business, University of Cape Town