Years ago, we’d join a company and be there for most of our working life. That gave everyone time to learn how to get along and get stuff done, together. Today we change jobs more often, have more pressure, uncertainty and change to get to grips with, and the pace and complexity of our lives has increased. We don't know each other so well anymore. So how can you ensure that this doesn't slow down your organisation's progress or hinder performance? 

Facilitated Offsites

Team Coaching

Good organisational performance relies heavily on the strength of its teams. When people combine their different experiences, skills, perspectives and styles they can solve complex problems, create new solutions and deliver results far better than they could alone. Yet people don't usually start from the same place, and may not want to end up at the same place either.

So how can you all get there?  

This is where team coaching can make a significant impact. Whether you're the senior leadership team or a cross functional team of managers, we can help you to:

  • clarify each person's understanding of the strategy and your respective roles within it, and address any blocks to alignment
  • build a culture that makes it safe for each of you to take risks, seek learning from mistakes and develop deep trust
  • become an interdependent collaborative entity with a common focus, identity and values
  • build and maintain easy yet energising relationships where giving and receiving feedback well becomes the norm
  • increase the self-awareness of each individual and of the dynamics of the whole team
  • develop the frameworks, skills, and behaviours to become a high performing, self-coaching team.

We aim for team coaching to create deep and lasting synergy, and to give the team the glue it needs to stick together through good and bad times.  


Leadership & Management Development

Learning is key to thriving; increasing the know-how, skills, and confidence of your managers and leaders helps you to gain and retain a competitive edge, as well as prove that people really are your greatest asset.  We have extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions for:

  • Leadership and Management Development Programmes - to foster and hone key skills such as change and culture management, team building, decision-making,  creative thinking, giving & receiving feedback,  hiring the right people, running effective meetings, creating great work environments, delivering powerful presentations, influencing skills, managing unconscious bias, evolving from a manager to leader and manager of managers, and more
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills Training – highly practical, skills based training to develop effective coaching and mentoring skills, fostering a purposeful, inspirational, empowering culture where results and people thrive

We aim for thoughtfully designed, beautifully delivered, immediately transferable and "sticky" training. And, we're told, that's what we deliver!

Bringing a group or team together for a day or more gives them valuable time to get to know each other better, reflect, learn, share new ideas and reconnect with the whole. That's at the very least. Beyond that they can make significant shifts in how they embrace change, co-create a thriving culture, and achieve a shared vision.  

Having a seasoned external facilitator can ensure that every moment is used well. We've facilitated scores of successful events and can do the same for you by:

  • designing events that get to the heart of the reason for the offsite, whether the focus is on getting to know each better, or on leaving with an agreed set of tangible outcomes, or something in between
  • involving key people in the design and planning,  so that we bring in a range of perspectives and gain early shared commitment to its success
  • creating creating an environment in which people feel valued, equal, engaged, connected, and are keen to participate and be honest with each other
  • bringing in proven frameworks and processes for insightful moments, new creativity, robust solutions, clear decisions, and commitment to delivering on agreed actions
  • managing the group dynamics in a skillful way that doesn't brush them under the carpet nor allow them to impede progress.

We aim for offsites to benefit you on the day and way beyond, creating a positive energy that ripples out and permeates into the day to day way you work together. 



Sometimes people in relationships get stuck. Stuck in thinking. Stuck in conflict. Stuck in assumptions that aren't true and yet are holding people back. Resisting change. Losing hope even. And sometimes, despite their and your best efforts (and sometimes their worst!), they can't get out out of the stuckness and move forward.

We can help. Because we believe that fundamentally, people have an innate drive to make progress. To form good relationships. To take pride in their work.  To achieve something meaningful. 

Whatever the block, our fresh approach to helping people to think, talk, listen, see and share new perspectives, collaborate, and celebrate together can move them from inaction and helplessness to action and flourishing. We can help them to tap into what's holding them back and to discover for themselves that there are ways forward. 

That might mean us running a formal or informal mediation,  designing an engaging and uplifting team activity, facilitating a one-off or series of meaningful conversational sessions, or a combination of interventions.

We aim to help you get to the heart of the issue and move the thinking, conversation and relationships from stagnant to purposeful and positive.