Years ago, we’d join a company and be there for most of our working life. That gave everyone time to learn how to get along, do the job and work together. Today we change jobs more often, have more pressure, uncertainty and change to get to grips with, and the pace and complexity of our lives has increased. So given these factors, how can you ensure that you, the people you work with, and your organisation can learn, develop and thrive - together?  

Facilitated Offsites

Bringing people together, away from the day to day, gives valuable time to connect, reflect, learn, and share. Ramp it up skillfully and you'll make significant shifts in embracing change, co-creating a thriving culture, and achieving a shared vision.

Whether it's over a day or several days, we'll design events with you that will get to the heart of the reason for the offsite, and that encourage everyone to share responsibility for its success.

As seasoned facilitators we use every moment of an offsite well, creating an environment that brings insight, creativity, connection, robust solutions, clear decisions, and commitment to following through.

And we'll manage the group dynamics expertly, neither brushing them under the carpet or allowing them to impede progress.

So if you want your offsite to bring multiple benefits both during the event and way beyond, let's talk!

Development Programmes

Ongoing development of the know-how, skills, and impact of your leaders and managers helps the organisation to flourish too. We offer:

Leadership and Management Development: fostering and honing key skills for change, team building, creative thinking, feedback, effective meetings, and more.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training: skills and practice-based programmes to create empowering cultures where people can think for themselves and encourage others to do the same.

Time to Think Programmes: bespoke events and qualifying programmes for transformative coaching, facilitation and leadership. Visit here for more details

If you're seeking well designed, beautifully delivered, usable and sustainable development, let's have a conversation.

Team Coaching

High performing teams combine different experiences, skills, perspectives and styles to solve complex problems, innovate and deliver far better results than individuals could do alone.

Whether you're the senior leadership team or a group of line managers, our team coaching will help you to hone both individual and collective skills and talent to the benefit of the whole system.

Over time, you'll become deeply aligned, drawing on your relationships and different experiences to achieve your goals.

Together you can build a strong, inclusive, resilient and productive team, where trust is evident and everyone thrives on the shared endeavour.

If you would like to talk to us about building a high performing team, please get in touch.


Sometimes people in relationships get stuck. Stuck in conflict, resisting change, often fearful and losing hope. And sometimes, despite all attempts, they can't get unstuck.

We can help. We believe that fundamentally, people have an innate drive to make things better. To have good relationships. To take pride in their work. To achieve positive outcomes. We'll help them to tap into that. And build on it.

Using our extensive experience and knowledge of interpersonal dynamics and what makes people tick, we can facilitate conversations and agreements they never previously thought possible.

Through formal or informal mediation, round-the-table facilitated meetings, a series of team activities or a combination of interventions, our fresh approach can move them from negative and stagnant to positive and purposeful.

If you want to resolve situations that are bringing people down and hindering progress, talk to us.

"Linda is a highly skilled, intuitive coach and facilitator;  wonderful ability to bring a group together, develop a powerful sense of team and galvanise great decision making and action". Ewan Hilton, CEO, Gofal

"Kevin is highly competent and widely experienced, inspiring the confidence that Executive Development requires". Zandile Nkhata, former Head of Business Development, Graduate School for Business, University of Cape Town