Do you want to make a real, positive difference? 

Whether you're a seasoned leader or manager taking on a newer and bigger challenge,  or a new leader wanting to figure out what leadership really means for you, coaching provides you with a unique, supportive and stretching partnership that will help you to become the leader you want to be.

We have worked with many who have stood in similar shoes to you, and who have discovered how to lead themselves and others effectively through gaining the skills, knowledge and confidence that leadership requires.

We can coach you to overcome obstacles to success, whether they’re internal or external. We’ll help you to think creatively about your challenges, support you in making courageous decisions, and explore practical, grounding strategies to deliver results.

In short, we’ll help you to lead with a clear head, a brave heart and steady feet.  

You are unique so we don’t follow fixed programmes. Whether in person or remotely, we work both with individuals funded by their organisation and with those who come to us directly. 

"Linda is an outstanding leadership coach, drawing out new ways of thinking in her clients for achieving excellence in business and personal goals". Liz McIntyre, CEO & Director, Sheffield DocFest

"Carolyn is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with… she provides excellent space for reflection, supports you to use your strengths and develops confidence." Verena Hefti, CEO and Founder LeadersPlus