Practitioner Supervision

If you're a coach or personal or organisational development practitioner you'll already know that supervision is a confidential and collaborative relationship where you can develop insight, skills, wisdom and confidence through talking about your work with another trusted person, be it a peer or a more experienced practitioner. 

We trust that you are almost always the one with the expertise about your clients and your work. So as supervisors, our expertise lies in helping you to access it, by offering a completely non-judgemental, easeful place and time to think where you can think for yourself, and be encouraged to go as far as you can in that thinking.  

Drawing on a combination of the Thinking Environment, psychodynamic principles and systems thinking, and any other approaches you want to choose from, bring and use, we supervise all kinds of coaches, therapists, facilitators, HR and organisation and development practitioners, as well as other supervisors.

"Linda’s supervision is supportive, encouraging, and she treats me as an intelligent adult, even when I'm faced with uncertainty and think that I'm not!"  Steve, Executive Coach

“Sometimes in group supervision the default is to defer to the supervisor’s expertise. Linda held her authority with a light touch; we never felt judged, rather encouraged and treated as equal thinking partners”. D, Internal Coach

Masterclasses, keynotes and professional development events

We regularly run open training events and speak at conferences for coaches, managers and leaders. We know it’s important to you to get real value from any event you attend; you don’t want hype or management speak - you want learning and insight that’s immediately actionable.  So that’s what we offer.

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And if you are interested in finding out more about our in-house programmes, pop over to our Team and Group Development page.  


"As I left Linda’s course bound for my everyday world I left with a wonderful feeling of hope, optimism and excitement".  Richard Brown, Thinking Partner, Minds Wide Open