My Approach


My interest is improving how we lead ourselves and others. I believe that with great thinking and focused action we can go beyond our challenges to exceed our goals. So I use a variety of information, tools and skills to help people think honestly and clearly about where they are, where they want to go, and to develop practical solutions to get there. 

As an active ultra-distance sportsman I appreciate perseverance and value results, and I’ve learned that measurability and accountability are important keys to both.

My Experience

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with some remarkable leaders. As a community worker, independent consultant, Group OD manager within a multi-national corporate environment and as faculty of a business school, in owner-run businesses and restaurant kitchens. In Energy, Pharma, Finance, Tech, Hospitality and Telecoms. In Europe, the UK and across Africa.

I’ve seen incredible success. In rapid growth, mergers, org changes and farm-downs. In brilliant leadership strategies and courageous performance management. I’ve also seen real humanity. In the pain of failure, misunderstanding and betrayal. In under-communicated expectations and over-applied trust.

I’ve supported my clients through all this. I’ve also learned from them. About business, leadership and life. I value each of them. We have grown together. And that’s why I know that if you think well about your opportunities and challenges, if you are ambitious and brave enough, you can master them. I work with clients to help them get, and then stay conscious so that all actions, strategies and structures are building for the dynamic future, and not the fixed past. 


  • Time to Think facilitator and coach

  • COMENSA registered mentor & coach (Coaching & Mentoring Association of South Africa)

  • Accredited Insights Discovery practitioner

  • TA 101 & active supporting member of International Transactional Analysis Association

  • BA (Hons) in Counselling & Adult Education

  • BA in Psychology & African English literature

Outside of work

I enjoy lots of physical exercise including ultra distance running, cycling, kayaking, and chopping wood. Family is important to me and I enjoy cooking for them.