My Approach

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Over the last 30 years I have learned from my work with an extensive range of individuals and organisations, from young people living on council estates in inner city London to Executives working in large corporations. I have found that an approach that integrates counselling and coaching, known as ‘personal consultancy’ works well because it combines working on the surface and at depth when needed, both in the "doing" and the "being" in life.  I connect with people with ease and genuine interest, keen to support them to identify strengths and areas of impasse, free their thinking, develop their potential and make real and sustainable changes in their work and life.

My Experience

I have coached leaders and teams in the corporate sector, and entrepreneurs initiating developing and leading SME organisations. I have found that it is more often than not issues of self-confidence and lack of self-compassion that hold people back and sometimes a lack of pertinent information. 

I have coached people to explore how giving themselves appreciation and encouragement rather than judgement and harsh criticism enables them to be more courageous in taking the risks in communication and in action needed to move themselves and their teams forward. I've worked with leaders to help them to gain insight into the stuck places in their teams and organisations and generate their own pertinent strategies to create dynamic change. 

Understanding their own personality type has allowed my clients to get individual insight into inherent strengths that can be used as stronger foundation for self and team leadership, as well as recognising ways of being and doing things that are less well developed and need conscious practice. With Thinking Environment® applications I’ve supported teams to draw more effectively on the best thinking of each person and seen an increase in honesty, appreciation and good humour which has strengthened their capacity to meet the challenges of a fast paced and often confusing environment.


  • Time to Think coach and facilitator

  • BACP registered, accredited psychotherapist/counsellor

  • Post Graduate certificate in Personal Consultancy

  • ILM level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring

  • Advanced Diploma in Gestalt and Contribution Training

  • Diploma in Youth and Community Work

  • Certificate in Training and Development from the Institute for Professional Development

  • Accredited MBTI practitioner

  • Additional training in neuroscience, systemic coaching, and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction)

Outside of work

I live in London with my partner from New Zealand and our two children. I enjoy the thrills of sportive road cycling and the calmer pursuit of botanical illustration and have a regular yoga practice, which helps me hold it all together in the middle.